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Discover Your

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type

What's Your Dosha?

There are 3 Mind-Body Types known as "Doshas" in Ayurveda

Which one are you?  Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Knowing your dosha composition helps you understand your true nature. 

Let's uncover your greatest strengths and easily overcome what challenges you. 

I'll even be able to give your the exact diet just for you!

Take the Quiz to Find Yours

Ayurveda helps you find

your perfect balance

in health and life

What are the Doshas?

Doshas are the biological energies that govern our physical and mental health. 

They are made up of the 5 natural elements.  And though we have all 5 elements and 3 Doshas within us, we each have them in unique combinations. 

When in balance, our health thrives.  When out of balance, they can lead to poor health conditions like stress, lethargy, joint pain and weight gain. 


Find your Imbalances  


Every ailment can be linked to an aggravation in a specific dosha. 

Overweight?  Your Kapha is aggravated. 

 Can't sleep?  Your Vata is aggravated. 

I'll teach you how to identify your own imbalances. And how to self-correct them just by knowing which Dosha to target.

Find your Perfect Balance

Set up an 

Ayurvedic Coaching Session

and we'll fix any ailment

you're suffering from.

Start becoming your healthiest self.

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